Saturday, May 17, 2014

Google Forms

My first encounter with a Google Form was last year. I overheard how another teacher had parents enter all their information at Meet the Teacher night, then had it all combined in one document for the entire team! I had to try it this year and it worked like a charm. I created a Google Form and had the url plus a QR code waiting for parents to complete at school, or take home and complete. I offered paper copies of the form, as well, for parents who were not sure about completing the information online. Most parents completed the form, either at school or at home. For the few that did not, I just entered their information from the paper form onto the Responses Form on my Google account. I will continue to use this each year since it was so easy for both parents and myself.

Later in the year, I used a Google Form to create a survey for our staff from our Digital Cadre. In order to gain information from the staff, I created the survey with input from my administers, then it was sent out for the staff to complete honestly and anonymously. The information submitted will help our Digital Cadre provide what the staff needs next school year, as well as reflect on what we did this year that worked or needs work to better assist our staff.

I recently created a Google Form I would like to use in my classroom. I got the idea from Pinterest (one of my favorite places to share and borrow ideas). Students will read a book of choice, select a question from the drop down list, then write a response. I'm looking forward to try this idea and others in my classroom soon!

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