Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pajama Read o Rama

Each year we have Pajama Read o Rama at our school. It is always a fun way to promote reading and listening to reading. Our librarian finds a wonderful visitor, such as an author or illustrator. This year we were able to enjoy the entertaining and talented Michael P. White. He led us all through drawing a variety of animals with lots of laughs. I appreciated his message: to make your mark and share ideas! Sounds familiar - like one of our favorite authors, Peter H. Reynolds. We enjoyed it!

We invited a group of 4th graders to join us for Buddy Reading. The 4th graders brought a book to read, then my 2nd graders read books from their B.O.B.s (Box Of Books). A few teachers passed the idea of using a YouTube fireplace which made for a cozy addition to our comfy classroom!

Mystery Readers are always tons of fun, especially on Pajama Read o Rama! One of my students was thrilled to figure out his grandmother was coming to read after I read her clues (Mystery Readers usually send 3-5 clues that gradually make it pretty clear who they are, but not always, to the child they are connected with) as well as his mother, who teaches at our school. 

What a treat!

Pajama Read o Rama is a cozy day but we needed to make sure to move around a bit, too. We boogied a bit with GoNoodle - it was a bonus that they had a holiday song!

In between our special events, students chose between Read to Self, Read to Someone and Listen to Reading (3 of our Daily 5 options each day).

Pajama Read o Rama is one of our favorite days at school that we look forward to each year! 

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