Thursday, May 14, 2015

Collaborating with Lesson Plans

In our district, we have moved to using Google for just about everything. We now have gmail, our shared calendars through Google and use Google Drive. 

One of my favorite things about using Google Drive is the ability to collaborate with teammates while we create plans. In the past, only one person could type at a time on one computer at a time which limited us and did not promote collaboration.

Now, we can sit in the same room or at different locations while one or more people contribute to the plan page. It is wonderful since we can see what each person types as they type it LIVE! We have had times that we have been on from separate locations and it can be quite fun and entertaining (especially when I misspell a word and someone corrects me = TEAM WORK!)   ; )

You don't have to recreate the wheel. We had previously typed plans in Microsoft Word. All we have to do is go to Google, New, and File Upload. We have to open in Google Docs and we are all set! You can also create a new Google Doc or Google Sheet in a format that works best for you and your team. You can find several different types of plan formats if you search the web or ask others around you.

I enjoy planning with Google. It is a perfect opportunity to collaborate with other educators. 

Once you get comfortable collaborating with your team, you can also use it when you attend conferences. We have shared notes with Google Folders and we brainstorm ideas on how we can implement these ideas on Google Docs. 

To go even further, you can use Google to encourage collaboration in your class with your students.

How do you use Google for collaboration?

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