Sunday, January 31, 2016


Finding new, exciting ways to check students for understanding is an ongoing need for all educators. We want to keep students engaged while respecting each individual learner's needs and pace. A while back I learned of Quizizz and tested it with my PLN. We enjoyed how easy it is to use and how the feedback is organized for the teacher. Most often, before I try something with my students, I test it with my peers. Sometimes I have my students test apps and sites and such and report back to me if they find a purpose in the new activity. However, sometimes I need to try it out so I can execute it efficiently. My PLN approved of Quizizz. I was so excited to try it with my students!
Each month we meet to collaborate. We tested Quizizz with Starbucks in hand.
Getting started was easy. I went to and created a new account. Once I logged in, I searched topics we were currently studying. I was able to find a ready-made Quiz and use it in my class. (I have not yet created my own Quiz.) 

My third graders were able to type in easily in their browser and find the game. If your students cannot type in the browser to find the site, make a quick QR Code for them to scan that leads them directly to the site. Once they are there, have students 'add to home screen' for easy access in the future. 

Quizizz is similar to Kahoot! My students and I enjoy using Kahoot! however over time it has lost it's affectiveness. Students have begun pressing any answer to try to make the leaderboard instead of trying to think about the correct answer. Kahoot! is fun but my students can get very competitive and lose sight of the purpose of the activity. If the results are not accurate, there is no reason for us to complete the Kahoot! I cannot use the results if they aren't completing the activity with purpose. Quizizz is individually paced, where Kahoot! gives students the same predetermined amount of time to answer the question. Quizizz does have a way for students to see how quickly others are completing the quiz, but it doesn't celebrate the leader after each question. Kahoot! asks all students the same question at the same time. Quizizz asks the questions randomly among the classroom. I've noticed my students watching how others answer to make their choice (again, trying to hit that leaderboard) Quizizz has an option to show silly memes after they submit their answers. My students love this student feedback feature! They found it fun and motivating.

Another feature I like about Quizizz is the teacher feedback. As students work through the quiz, I am able to view the progress per student. I choose not to show the leaderboard but I can see it on my computer. I can see overall class progress, overall student progress and even have each question broken down to see who needs what or if everyone is needed reteaching on a skill. My students took a fraction quiz. We had just started fractions and had completed a pretest, but I wanted to see what they had remembered that week plus there were a few questions covering skills we had coming. It provided information that allowed me to specifically plan what we needed to focus on as a group, and what I could reteach in small groups.

I know both Kahoot! and Quizizz have ways to adjust their features. I find both have a place in our learning and I'm thankful they each have different options. Educators also use Quizizz for homework, to preassess students or flip their classroom. I'm excited to learn more about Quizizz. How do you use Quizizz? Follow @quizizz on Twitter and share ideas.

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