Saturday, January 28, 2017


As an instructional coach on the technology team, I spend my time supporting teachers with professional development, PLCs (professional learning community), and as a thinking partner either one on one or small group. Twitter, blogs, and Instagram are other formats I use to connect with, learn from, and support educators. As a coach, mindset is incredibly important to consider with each person I encounter. Just as a teacher with students, the educators I get to work with all have various experiences, schema, and mindsets. When I am questioned or challenged with educators, I have to redirect them to feel safe, build trust, and take a risk with a growth mindset using ‘yet’. I have to carefully consider all of this as I work with others. This is a challenge for me as I am building relationships with teachers at eleven elementary campuses in our district. Not only do I have to consider their individual mindsets, but I also have to constantly check my own mindset. Being new to this role after 18 years in the classroom, there are days I am filled with doubt. I have to intentionally rethink and choose to redirect my thoughts. I know they chose me for this job for a reason. I know I am capable of this job and it is my passion. So when I get off track, it is up to me to get back on track. Therefore, mindset is extremely important in several aspects of my job as an instructional coach.

To promote learning about mindset, I created a HyperDoc. A HyperDoc is a Google Doc used to provide resources for learners to seek information at their own pace while documenting their learning. I use these with teachers by forcing a copy so they have the resources and their notes in their Google Folder at all times. In this case, their notes are not for me but for themselves. Our team uses HyperDocs to model for teachers how they can be used in their classrooms. Within my HyperDoc, I have included videos, reading, and areas for note taking or directions to take notes, as well as images, opportunities to reflect, and ways to connect.

Mindset HyperDoc or

In addition to using the mindset HyperDoc, I can continue to support teachers by promoting the power of ‘yet’. I can encourage growth mindset for teachers by encouraging them to set goals, provide opportunities for teachers to track their growth, and reflect. In PLCs, I can promote growth mindset for students with teachers as well. We can work together to think of ways to promote growth mindset with students and in the learning environment. One of my passions is coding and computer science. Coding is a great opportunity for students to practice ‘yet’ by debugging codes and persevering to find a solution through collaboration. Another of my passions is Student Voice. After PLCs, I ask teachers to complete a Teacher Voice survey so they have an opportunity to share their voice plus I can gain input to provide better support. I hope this models for teachers how they can use Student Voice to hear their students, build trust, and understand obstacles students encounter in order to promote a growth mindset in the classroom.

A growth mindset is necessary for me these days, especially. Working full time in a new position with two children that are active in sports while my husband travels is a lot to juggle, but I am also completing Action Research, a Principal Practicum, and graduate school classes. I am fortunate to have a supportive family but parts of my life have had to take less priority during this time. There are days I feel discouraged for not being able to do what I feel I need to do, so I have to remember this is temporary and find the motivation to persevere. I read the mindset book a few years ago but this refresher is coming at a very good time for me. I find the four steps to be very helpful as I am over the halfway mark with grad school and need a little confidence boost. By reminding myself of the four steps, I can redirect my thoughts to work toward successful growth and learning.

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