Thursday, March 17, 2016

#SDIM16 Experience

The connections made on Twitter are amazing. My PLN pushes me and empowers me to do things out of my comfort zone in many ways. One way is providing opportunities to be a part of something bigger than I could have imagined on my own. Enter @SameDayInMarch which I heard about from my Twitter friend @BevLadd (She does AMAZING things. Connect with her!) My students and I participated in her 24 hour Skype-a-thon (follow #PVSkype16 for this April) last year and we loved it. They were pumped to connect with Mrs. Ladd and class again.

One the first day in March, we listened to the book provided by the project. We discussed why this book was the book to read (it highlights the weather and climates in locations all over the world on one same day in March) We wondered about the weather in other areas and made predictions.

We opened the Google Sheet that has numerous tabs for each classroom that is participating. We found our class and completed the information for the day. Students used the Weather Channel app to give me the data. We wrote a quick description of the day's weather we observed at recess. We added a spot on the board for someone to collect and share the data each day. Students made the expectation that once you find the data for a day, you let others do it next. Most days we look together and compare to another location around the world. Some days I have to add it quick due to time limitations. We LOVE finding the spots on the map and understanding who has similar weather patterns and who has much different weather than us, then discussing why.

As we got closer to Spring Break, students were very concerned that our project would be on hold for an entire week. Two students volunteered to create a form for students to record the weather each day over Spring Break, then bring back to school. Another student realized several people would be in different locations so we can do our own classroom comparison if others complete the form from their destinations over Spring Break. We discussed how to find this data when you aren't at home. One student going on a cruise was very worried she would not be able to find the information but students were certain she could find out. 

I'm excited to see who completed their forms. We decided to do an incentive: 10 Star Bucks for completing your form entirely or 2 Star Bucks per day completed. We also stressed you do not have to leave town to complete the form. Several people may stay home over Spring Break so we will see if they agree on the information.

If you have not yet connected with others, use opportunities on Twitter or other social media to find ways to provide these experiences for your students. There are amazing people out there, just waiting to share and learn with you!

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