Thursday, July 17, 2014

TED Talk

I stumbled upon this TED Talk tonight. I was on Twitter and read a Tweet by @wfryer (Wesley Fryer). It caught my eye since it mentioned "Hack a banana, make a keyboard!" which led me to believe it was about MaKey MaKey. I have observed MaKey MaKey at a variety of conferences this year - my favorite was when elementary students attended the conference to model how they use MaKey MaKey! I was interested in the history behind this invention, so I clicked on the link and was captivated! Jay Silver explains his thinking behind his invention. It is interesting and overall very inspiring. I enjoyed the variety of ways people use MaKey MaKey - so creative! I can use parts of this TED Talk in class to motivate and inspire my students to look at the world around them with a different view, to challenge us all to look at items beyond their defined purpose. (Which I believe children do easier than adults at times) Listening to Jay's speech was inspirational to me. It is entertaining and funny, but sends a message. Each box tells you "The world is your construction kit!" I love how he said originally he wanted to create a perfect world himself, but now he sees it will be created by '7 billion pairs of hands, each following their own passions' in their own spaces. I love how he transformed to a learner platform. He has provided the resources to others to go forth and create on their own. What an inspiration!

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