Monday, January 23, 2017

Seesaw Ambassador

I am a Seesaw Ambassador!
I learned about Seesaw late last spring and was excited to test it out in my classroom. I began following @Seesaw on Twitter, Facebook, and joined a Facebook Group to learn more. Now as an Instructional Technology Coach, I have the opportunity to see Seesaw in action in multiple classrooms at a variety of grade levels as well as provide Seesaw as a tool for teachers to offer in the classroom. My goals as an Ambassador for Seesaw are to learn more about integrating Seesaw to amplify student learning, provide support for educators to purposefully use Seesaw to connect their students and families, promote ideas for using Seesaw, and connect classes to share their learning beyond the four walls of their classroom. I'm looking forward to learning more, connecting with others through this opportunity, and sharing ideas I gain from this experience.

Seesaw empowers students and engages families by providing a platform for students to share their learning by uploading a picture or video, then adding text, labels, and voice. Teachers can connect classrooms to promote collaboration and communication beyond the classroom. Students can post questions and comment on each other's work. Parents can view their children's work to promote discussion at home of skills and learning.

If you would like to know more about Seesaw, go to my Ambassador page or just ask. If you are not local, search for a Seesaw Ambassador near you. I enjoy attending Seesaw's 'PD in Your PJs' - I can view these webinars live or they send a recording to watch at a time that works best for me. Webinars last from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the topic.

Already using Seesaw? Check out a trial of Seesaw Plus by scanning here:

How do you connect your students with each other, their families, and other students?

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